Terms and Conditions of use of the etrips.info website

Definitions of terms

Etrips website: this website of the Etrips platform (Electronic Tourist Reservation Information Business System) is available on etrips.info (hereinafter “Etrips”)

Etrips platform: The Etrips platform is an environment that enables the management of business of various tourist operators and related stakeholders from tourism and tourism-related activities at both local and national levels. The Etrips platform facilitates accommodation providers marketing through several world tourist portals. The Etrips website is part of the Etrips platform (hereinafter “the Platform”)

Etrips platform operator: Etrips d.o.o., Mala ulica 8, Ljubljana Slovenia (hereinafter “the Operator”)

User: an anonymous user of the Etrips website (hereinafter “the User”)

Partner: an identified user of the Etrips platform who logs into the Etrips system with a user name and a password and uses Etrips in accordance with the terms conditions of use of an individual user module (hereinafter “the Partner”)

User module: the defined environment of the Etrips platform used by a specific type of partner (hereinafter “the User module”)

User account: the protected account that is available only to an identified individual partner

Accommodation provider: a Platform partner who uses the module of the accommodation provider for the management, marketing and conduct of business relating to the accommodation and the guests (hereinafter “the Accommodation provider”)

1. Right to use the etrips.info website

To use the etrips.info website (via web, smart phone or any other way) you must accept the termsand conditions of use of etrips.info (hereinafter “the terms”).

The terms will occasionally be amended. It is the responsibility of the User to familiarize him- or herself with them every time, when accessing, browsing or using Etrips. By completing a reservation or sending an inquiry you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the terms, including the privacy statement. By any further use of Etrips, even in the case of amendments, you as a user explicitly agree to such amendments.

After the User has given explicit consent, the terms, which are valid at the time of the reservation or inquiry, become an integral part of the contractual provisions between the User and the Partner.

2. Our service

Etrips is an intermediary between users and partners.

Via this website Accommodation providers advertise their accommodation and users can make reservations or send inquiries directly to the Accommodation provider. By completing and submitting a reservation via the Etrips system you are entering into a direct and legally binding contractual relationship with the Accommodation provider, in accordance with the terms and the offer of the Accommodation provider.

At all times the Operator acts only as an intermediary between you and the Accommodation provider. We only transfer information about your reservation to the Accommodation provider with whom you made the reservation, and send you a reservation certificate on behalf of the Accommodation provider.

In performing our services, we publish and forward information that is entered in Etrips by the Accommodation providers or is entered on their behalf by their partners or agents. Accommodation providers have complete control over the entries of such partners and agents and assume full responsibility for them. Accommodation providers have special access to Etrips Manager, through which they control information about accommodation, facilities, and facility terms, and they are exclusively responsible for updating prices, accommodation availability and other information displayed in Etrips.

As operators of the Platform we perform our services carefully and conscientiously, but we do not guarantee that all information provided by the Accommodation providers, or their partners or agents, on their behalf, is accurate and complete. We are also not responsible for any content mistakes in the presentation of accommodation, any suspension of the operation of Etrips, temporary or partial, due to the malfunction, repair, upgrade or maintenance of Etrips or operation of the Platform or for any other reason. Also fully excluded is the liability for inaccurate, misleading, untrue or undisclosed information. On the basis of an explicit agreement with such responsibility when entering offers, each Accommodation provider is at all times responsible for the accuracy and completeness of information, including prices and availability, published on Etrips and entered onto the Platform.

Etrips services are intended solely for personal use. The display, communication or reproduction of any content or information, software, products or services of Etrips and the platform for any commercial or competitive purposes is forbidden.

3. Reservations

The User makes a reservation under the Etrips system directly to the Accommodation provider, in accordance with the conditions of reservation that the Accommodation provider enters in Etrips and that are published for each individual facility/offer. In the calculation of the total price of the reserved service, the following information is indicated: services and other elements included in the price, number of persons for which the price applies and the compulsory charges. Please pay special attention to these parameters when searching for accommodation and then also during the actual reservation process, where in the last step of the reservation you have to re-confirm the conditions of the reservation, where the price is an integral part of such conditions. These conditions are also specified in the e-mail you will receive with confirmation of the reservation.

In the event of immediate (on-line) reservations, a reservation is entered in the records of the Accommodation provider at the moment when you make it. With this the reservation is completed. As a partner of the Etrips platform, the Accommodation provider undertakes to fulfil every reservation and provide the services. As Operators we accept no responsibility for the obligations of the Accommodation provider.

In the event the Accommodation provider for any reason does not accept immediate (on-line) reservations, we will deliver your inquiry to the Accommodation provider. We enter your inquiry in the records of the Accommodation provider and temporarily hold the accommodation dates you are interested in; at this stage the Accommodation provider has not committed to making your reservation. After we have forwarded your inquiry, further communication will take place directly between you and the Accommodation provider, when you can directly enter into a legally binding relationship with it.

4. Cancelling reservations

By booking specific accommodation in a particular facility, you agree with the terms of the facility/Accommodation provider on cancellation of the reservation and all other terms and conditions that apply to your reservation including services. The cancellation policy for each facility is available on the Etrips website, in the presentation of and information about each accommodation, during the reservation process and in the e-mail with the confirmation of the reservation. With certain accommodation, cancellation and/or change of date charges may apply. Please carefully check all the terms and conditions relating to your reservation before confirming your booking.

If you want to change or cancel your reservation, please contact the Accommodation provider directly. Contact details of the Accommodation provider are in the e-mail with the reservation confirmation. You must communicate about any changes regarding the reservation (number of people, date of arrival/departure) with the Accommodation provider in writing (by fax or by e-mail).

5. Payments

Our services are free of charge for all users. Unlike most other providers of similar or identical services, we do not charge you for our services and are not adding fees to the accommodation prices.

We never charge your credit card. You pay the Accommodation provider directly.

Payment options are published on the Etrips website, next to each facility, and depend on the individual Accommodation provider.

6. Credit card

To guarantee your booking, the Accommodation provider may request your credit card information. We send this information directly to the Accommodation provider. In addition, we can verify the validity of your credit card (pre-authorisation) at the express request of the Accommodation provider. For safety, security and encryption in data transmission, we use "Secure Socket Layer (SSL)" technology.

Upon the confirmation of reservation, the Accommodation provider can pre-check the validity of your credit card or charge it in accordance with the terms of the reservation.

7. Limitation of liability

The Operator is not liable for any direct or indirect damages, including any lost profits, caused by a content error in the presentation of the accommodation, any suspension of the operation of Etrips, temporary or partial, due to malfunction, repair, upgrade or maintenance of Etrips or the platform operation or for any other reason. The Operator is also not liable for inaccurate, misleading, untrue or undisclosed information. Each Accommodation provider is at all times responsible for the accuracy and completeness of information, including prices and availability, published on Etrips and entered onto the platform.

The content and functionality of the Etrips website is offered "as-seen", without any guarantees. In any case, the Operator will not be responsible for any damages that result from the use of or inability to use the Etrips website, including and without limitation, in respect of lost revenue or anticipated profit, loss of goodwill, loss of business, loss of data, computer failure or malfunction or other loss events. In the case that the Operator considers it necessary, it reserves the right to terminate the provision of the Etrips website at any time, for any reason, and for as long as is necessary, without prior notice.

The Operator is liable only for actual losses suffered due to unfulfilled obligations on the part of the Operator, but only up to the total cost of the reservation, as stated in your confirmation e-mail.

8. Intellectual property rights

Unless otherwise stated, all software required for our services, which is available or in use on the Etrips website, with all the intellectual property rights for the content and information on the Etrips website, is owned by the Operator and its partners.

All information and images on this website are in the legally permitted framework subject to copyright protection or other forms of intellectual property protection. Documents published on this website may only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes and may not be altered or otherwise used, except as herein specified, while they must preserve all stated warnings about copyright and other rights. Documents published on these websites may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes without the written permission of the Operator.

Should any visitor to Etrips respond with any information about the services, Accommodation providers or any other information, such information is considered non-confidential and unprotected, and being associated with them does not mean and will not mean we have any responsibility. The Operator will be free to use, reproduce, disclose and/or share the information with others without limitation, and without giving any source, including, but not limited to, ideas, concepts, knowledge, experience, or techniques that will be included in such information, for any purpose, except in the event that the visitor explicitly states that the information supplied must be regarded as confidential.

9. Original and translation into foreign languages

These Terms and conditions of use of the etrips.info website are drawn up in Slovenian and in English language, but all together they represent one and the same document. In the event of conceptual differences and discrepancies in the content of the text of the Terms and conditions of use of the etrips.info website in Slovenian and any other foreign language, the Slovenian version shall prevail.

The Terms and conditions of use of the etrips.info website in the Slovenian language are available at: http://etrips.info/sl/terms

10. Settlement of disputes

The User and the Operator agree to resolve any disputes amicably, but if this proves to be impossible, these Terms and conditions and the fees for our services shall be determined and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Slovenia. All disputes arising from these Terms and conditions of our services are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

11. Contact

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions of use, you can contact the Operator of Etrips d.o.o. website, address Mala ulica 8, SI - 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia or via e-mail: info@etrips.info, fax: +386 1 434 26 64.

Last update: March 2016