Etrips is a comprehensive business model in use since 2007 that provides its partners with the most benefits for the best price, paid after the realization of service.

Etrips allows you to connect with global booking systems, make immediate reservations through Etrip websites, and carry out simple business management in accordance with Slovenian legislation (keeping occupancy records, charging tourist tax, statistical reports, registration of guests, turnover review, etc.) as well as cooperate with agencies, TICs and specialized service providers, all in one place.

Etrips is the result of 22 years of useful experience, effective practices and successful business in the field of tourism and information.

Now in 2016 we are launching Etrips 2. In the development of Etrips 2 we combined:

  • Knowledge and the business model of the largest provider of personal accommodation in Ljubljana;
  • Experience with use of the Etrips software base from 2007;
  • Knowledge that has been gathered in the field of the development of smaller accommodation providers from the establishment of the section of room renters at the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce to the non-profit institute – Hospitality of Slovenian Homes Institute; and
  • 19 years of experience of an IT company, which today offers Etrips 2’s own development and safely protected servers (ISO 27001).

In 2015, we established the company Etrips, d.o.o. for the management of the Etrips platform. Our mission is to provide tourist accommodation providers and related stakeholders from tourism and tourism-related activities with the best possible conditions for development and successful operation. For this purpose, we provide modern and innovative forms of marketing, partnership and effective business models, based on the most advanced information technology and business experience of a successful practice. The satisfaction of our partners is our main motive for creating this operation.

Keep in step with the times and join the operations of the third millennium. It pays to be an Etrips partner.