Let us fill vacant capacity.
Let us manage it in a modern way.

Why Etrips®?

Advanced management and marketing of accommodation in one place. Keep in step with the times and join the operations of the third millennium.

  • More guests - more sales

    Marketing in association with global market portals (including Booking.com and AirBnB), travel agencies and tourist information centres. The Etrips® website enables direct and immediate (on-line) reservations, also on smartphones and tablets.

  • Easier, more efficient operations

    Guest registration, billing of tourist tax, preparation of statistical reports, occupancy management, turnover review, cooperation with partners of the system and many other features to facilitate operations in accordance with Slovenian legislation, all in one place.

  • Payment after realization – without risks

    The fee for using Etrips Manager ranges from € 0.19 to 0.9 per realized lodging. Costs of booking via the Etrips website are 7% of the total price of the accommodation. Etrips is the product of 22 years of useful experience, effective practices and successful business.

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How does Etrips® work?


You enter your accommodation into the system

You enter details about the facility, accommodation and offer, add images, terms and conditions of marketing and payments and cooperation with partners. Once your account is confirmed, the sale of your accommodation and modern operations management can begin. You always have full control over your account.


We connect your accommodation with sellers

We link the information about your vacant accommodation with global trading systems (booking.com, AirBnb, etc.), we present your offer to the world on the Etrips website, to travel agencies, Tourist Information Centres and Etrips partners which you have selected. With up-to-date data transmission among Etrips partners and commercial online systems we take care of your reservations.


You get more reservations with less costs and effort

There are less costs of conducting business and they depend only on the number of realized lodgings. You work more easily with multiple functions, such as billing of tourist tax, preparation of statistical reports, occupancy management, turnover review and online registration of guests with the police.


Operate with excellence and care for your own development

By using Etrips you will save time on sale and business management, so you can devote more time to your guests. In the Etrips platform, you will be able to upgrade your cooperation with platform partners, which will enable you to offer additional services. The Etrips team is responsible for the ongoing development and upgrading of the system in accordance with Slovenian legislation, which is included in the price of service.
It pays to be an Etrips partner.